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Congratulations, Rinat and Daniel!

I am sending you three links (see below); after you look at them, read what we have written. It may be a bit long but I want to believe that it will be meaningful for you.
Nature has a great desire for inspired expression; its essence and quality in the world is to express the happiness of its very existence.
Happiness is manifested in spring, blossoming, the sugars that pass through the arteries of plants, certain seasons, Nina (my friend Feder’s marvelous dog who joins all our walks) running through the cornfields, and other ways. We think that nature is mechanical and purposeful. This is a mistake stemming from the wish to subordinate everything to our way of thinking. Obviously there are elements of necessity, whether mating and pleasure are also for their own sake or just for perpetuating the human race. Nature creates a great deal of fun, it has fun being inside that fun, and that is its essence. In the wind, the sun, the seasons of the year, there is tremendous harmony of being, that lives itself and for itself. This great harmony is aesthetics. Similarly, the purpose of the bond between you two is the fun of giving and the purposeful thing will come out of that, and not the other way around.
Life has abundance, the generosity of giving and much, much joy. Every living thing wants to participate in this giant event, contribute its part to this great orgy and express its wish that it never end. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord, praise the Lord.” That is the main point and the purpose of our lives here: being grateful for being part of life.
And here enters art, whose biggest role, in my opinion, is to express this—to express man’s happiness at being created and having been given the privilege of participating in this wondrous experience. The great thing about emotion is creating new vision, new hearing, etc. Remembering also appears in all this. The memory of past happiness, former sadness – not as a complaint but as an impetus for implementing an idea of future action. That is the meaning of your wedding. Planting, in the world of happiness, the idea that will create the future act that unites things.
There are wars and holocausts. Human history is full of suffering: what we have done to nature and especially to ourselves; how many humans have killed and harmed other humans. This is a threat, and we must live with the remembrance of suffering and not hide it. But we also need to know that science and art are tools that were given to us to make amends and glorify life, and commit to it in every fiber of our being. And there’s nothing like love to combat the cruelty of corruption.
Lorca writes, “…just as imagination is a discovery, inspiration is a gift, an ineffable gift.”
I wish for you that your shared lives will be accompanied by inspiration. Don’t give up on it. The seeker will truly be rewarded.


Mimi and Micha

Daniel is my beloved nephew

Things I said on Daniel's wedding

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