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I call this series of paintings "The Kibbutz Courtyard".  The idea behind it is my understanding and renewed vision of an area that includes landscapes and public space on the kibbutz.  Its characteristics are first and foremost, the enormous trees that spread their protective branches over smaller buildings (homes and children's facilities) with their red roofs.  The narrow paths (where children, motorized carts and dogs hurry by) lead to the communal dining room and cultural center that are public buildings located at the center of the kibbutz. "The Kibbutz Courtyard" contains elements of the Persian garden and the gardens of monasteries. It helps people deal with the big and sometimes hostile world that surrounds them.  It constitutes a womb-like landscape in which a new society wanted to grow and raise its children.  It expresses an optimistic view of life and a unique attempt to create an area different from the bourgeois community (where everyone is separate) surrounded by fences dividing each person from his neighbor.

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