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On view at The

Khan Theaatre, Jerusalem, Israel​

March 2015


Ezekiel, a fictional figure, based on that of Abba Kovner, lives alone in Jerusalem.
The year is 1991 during The First Gulf War. An emotional meeting takes place between him and his grandson Noni who arrives for a visit from abroad with his Mother Yvonne. Using words that befit that of Noni’s age and through play, Ezekiel tells his grandson about his painful memories from the time when he was the leader of the underground resistance in the
Vilna Ghetto and was forced to face difficult and brutal choices like the handing over of his commander to the Nazis and leaving his mother behind.
The ability to communicate with his grandson Noni, is for Ezekiel a kind of compensation for the separation from Amos -his son, Noni’s father, who has left the country.
This is a last chance for Ezekiel to receive comforting love from his family against the painful suffering of the past.
Alongside the family visit, a loving and special relationship is developing between Na’ama, a young physiotherapist who is treating Ezekiel and Yvonne, Amos’ wife.

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Khan Theatre  Tel: 972-2-6303600
David Remez 2, Jerusalem, Israel

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