"Ezekiel's World" is published in "COHEL" publishing house.


Cohel publishing house is a collective of artists (writers, poets, musicians, visual artists, performance artists) who promote their work through mutual support and collaborative projects.


"Ezekiel’s World is a harrowing-yet-healing effort to confront and explore the inherent tragedy of survival, trauma and memory, of aging and above all, of father-son relationship. With a unique blend of intense visual representation and sparingly-used text, Israeli artist Michael Kovner attempts to engage his seemingly strong, aloof, and inflexible father, Abba Kovner – a resistance fighter and partisan in the Holocaust, a well-known poet and historian – in what he calls a 'posthumous dialogue, a dialogue that regrettably remained incomplete in his lifetime.' Ezekiel’s World is an important and haunting document, psychologically and historically as well as artistically."

Ruby Namdar, author, winner of Sapir Prize 2014


Book launching evening in "Tmol Shilshom" coffee house - Jerusalem. (Photos: dood Evan)

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