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Safe Haven (from "Childhood Landscapes")

Beit Yanai is a small settlement that spreads over a cliff of dunes. The marvelous shore of the Mediterranean Sea stretches at its feet.
In the history of Zionism, this coastline is mainly remembered for the battle over the smuggled ammunition ship, the Altalena. It is a wound that still bleeds in the collective, national memory.
To the west of Beit Yanai is the well-established settlement of Kfar Vitkin. Between them runs the coastal road (in our childhood, this road had not yet been built.) Between the two settlements was a concealed grove of eucalyptus trees that served the British army before the establishment of the state. We went to that place each year in August, spending the time in a summer camp for the kibbutz children. I dedicated that book to my childhood memories.
This one is part of it and expresses my deepest feeling toward my homeland.

A selection of pages from  "Childhood Landscapes"

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